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Task Lighting: Benefits and Applications

Task Lighting: Benefits and Applications

No one likes having the light shine directly in their eyes. This is why soft and natural lighting is the preferred state of things in most rooms. However, there are situations where more focused lights are necessary. In these situations, task lighting is necessary.

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So, what is task lighting? When is it necessary? What types of task lighting exist? We have created a guide that discusses the advantages and applications of task lights.

What Is Task Lighting?

Task lighting is specifically designed to illuminate an area for a specific task. In most cases, it provides brighter and more focused light than would otherwise be available. This is helpful in many different situations. A desk will often require light so that the person working at the desk can see what they are working on.

A comfy reading chair will require task lighting to shine on it so that the book is easier to read. A kitchen often requires focused light over the countertop so the person cooking can see better while chopping ingredients. These are only a small sample of the many situations requiring task lighting.

Different Types of Task Lighting

Since so many situations require task lighting, a wide range of task lighting options are available. These roughly break down into several broad categories.

Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

Like other forms of task lighting, wall-mounted light fixtures provide light to the area directly around them. However, they do so without taking up any floor or counter space.

Positioning these lights over a table, near a chair, or anywhere else task lighting is necessary allows the lighting to be there without taking up room or potentially being tripped over. The downside is that these lights are not useful if the area that needs light is not near a wall. As a result, they have more limited utility than some other lights.


Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and are typically focused downward. They are popular over tables or kitchen islands, which can be turned on when someone eats or works at either one.

The best part about these is that they provide more focus than ceiling lights. This is because they don’t shine light from the ceiling but instead from a few feet below the ceiling. This keeps the area under them bright while allowing the rest of the room to bathe in softer lighting.
As these are larger lights, they require more work to install. That is why professional lighting installation solutions are often required when dealing with pendant lights.

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Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is exactly what it sounds like: lighting built directly into the space under a cabinet. This type of task lighting is extremely helpful since most counters are located directly above the area where people cook or prepare meals.

They are also helpful because they free up valuable counter space while still being practical. A lamp will take up room, and a hanging light won’t fit with the counter in the way. So, in many cases, under-cabinet lighting is the clear and obvious choice for a situation with cabinets.

Task Lighting: Benefits and Applications


Lamps may be the most common form of task lighting. A lamp can be used at a desk, on a countertop, at a table, and in many other places. In each situation, it illuminates what is directly around it. Lamps also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A small lamp on the countertop is perfect for illuminating the small section of the countertop allocated for work.

Meanwhile, a large standing lamp near a few chairs will provide task lighting for anyone in that area. Due to their ability to suit various situations, lamps are one of the best choices for task lighting. Finally, lamps are easy to install. They usually just need to be plugged into the wall and don’t require electrical services from professionals.

Adjustable Task Lighting

Adjustable task lighting is any category of task lighting that can be modified. This means task lighting that belongs in other categories can fall into this one too. For example, a goose-neck lamp is a type of lamp where the shade can be twisted and turned in whatever way the owner desires, meaning it is a lamp and an adjustable task light.

These are great for situations where even more direct lighting is necessary. A floor lamp near a reading chair may have an adjustable light that allows it to point at the ceiling at most times but to turn and point at the chair when someone is reading there. Some adjustable task lights even change position in the room so that they can follow the owner with whatever they need.

Localized Lights

Localized lights are multipurpose. The lights often cast light in a way that spreads it around the room as a form of ambient light. However, the center of the illumination will focus more on the area directly beneath the lights.

These are very popular over tables or kitchen islands. While they are on, they will light up the entire kitchen or dining room. However, they will emphasize the table under them, where the light from these light fixtures is most needed.

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Table Lamps

Table lamps are the light fixtures that many people work by. They sit perfectly on a table and provide light anywhere around them. So, someone can work next to this task light and have all the lighting they need, even if there are not any other lights in the room.


Lighting Installation and Repair Services

With the benefits of task lights now clear, you may be thinking about getting task lighting for your house. Doing so can improve your work and many other activities around the house. Luckily, our team of skilled electricians in Mableton, GA offer convenient lighting installation and repair services for homes.

You shouldn’t leave a lighting installation project to anyone. Going with the wrong electrician puts your fragile electrical system at risk. Our team of licensed technicians will help you choose and install new light fixtures in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Our electricians also offer other types of local electrical services such as electrical panel replacement, electric vehicle (EV) charger installation, ceiling fan replacement, electrical wiring installation, and surge protection system configuration.

We’ve been in business since 1987 and our mission has been to provide superior services with honesty and customer-focused care. Give our friendly electricians a call at (770) 852-8504 to receive assistance setting up new light fixtures in your home.