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It’s that time of year when your garbage disposal use goes into overtime. Between the countless hours in the kitchen to family members “helping” clean up the after effects of holiday dinners, your garbage disposal gets abused during this time of year.

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While it may seem like your disposal is indestructible and can grind up almost anything, the most common plumbing calls during this time of year are clogged kitchen sinks and broken disposals. There are “rules of engagement” that must be followed to keep your disposal grinding and your drain clear. Don’t make the following ‘No No’s’.

  1. NO Grease down your Drain – It is a HUGE misconception that turning on the hot water and pouring some dish soap down the drain when disposing of grease will eliminate clogs. This is not true. While the heat may keep the grease flowing at first, it will solidify in your drain and pipes, catching all sorts of other contaminants and eventually will create a clog. You may not have a clog at first but the smell that comes from these sorts of caught contaminants is anything but pleasant.
  2. NO Fibrous Vegetables- Potato Peels, Celery, pineapple, Carrots, Beets and any other fibrous fruits and veggies are not good for your disposal. While it may appear that your disposal can grind most anything… even that lonesome teaspoon that gets missed and ground to bits, your disposal is not meant to grind it all – including these fibrous vegetables. They tend to string together or ball up and can create a clog. They also get caught around the blades and can slow the actual motor. Say no to these fruits and veggies and opt to trash or compost them instead. Your garbage disposal and garden will thank you.
  3. NO Egg Shells – You can crush egg shells in your hands pretty easily so you would think that your garbage disposal should have no issues either. The eggshells will grind down to a find sand and go down the drain causing a clog. Have you ever gone to the beach and tried to wash out pails and beach toys? There is always sand left on the bottom of the toys. Same applies to your pipes. Eggshell sand can get caught in the nooks an crannies. Think about the grease that you sent down the drain that has since solidified. Now your ground eggshells are sticking to the grease and causing an even bigger “sand trap.”
  4. NO to Left Overs – Your disposal is meant to grind up the tiny bits and pieces left over after scraping your plates. If you want the fastest way to clog your sink, the best bet is to grab your containers of left overs and dump them down the disposal with running water. While drippy garbage bags filled with left overs are a sure pain, not being able to use the water in your kitchen sink and dishwasher (and any other lines that are affected) will be an even greater inconvenience.

Taking care of your garbage disposal will prevent you from plumbing emergencies and washing dirty dishes in a 5 gallon bucket while waiting for repairs. You will also extend the life of your garbage disposal. In the event that you have a plumbing need, Casteel’s master plumbers are always ready to provide you with solutions. As the winner of ‘Atlanta Home Improvement’s’ Best Of Plumbing Contest, Casteel is Atlanta’s #1 choice for plumbing concerns. Contact Casteel today at 770-854-1078.