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If your air conditioner freezes up then you will notice pretty quick. If your system freezes that is a sign of a potentially significant problem. The only way to service a unit once it’s frozen is to let it thaw out. There’s a couple of signs to look for that will let you know if your system is frozen.

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The most obvious sign is lack of air coming out of your vents and the temperature in your home rises. The ice in the coil has restricted the airflow causing the supply air to basically trickle out of the vents.

The most obvious visual sign is frost on the copper lines. The frost builds up and shows on the copper coming out of the system. In severe cases, a full block of ice can form which can take a while to thaw out.

The first step to thawing the system is to turn it off. If the air conditioner continues to try to cool then more ice is going to form. Turn the cooling off at your thermostat or pull the disconnect breaker to the outdoor unit only. Turn your thermostat fan setting to “On” so that the fan continues to blow air over the coil. The warm air in the home will naturally defrost the frozen coil. In severe cases, the heat can be turned on to speed up the process.

Once the coil starts to thaw the water will collect inside of the system but often it will overflow because there more water collected than what can drain out. Be aware that water damage can occur if your primary drain pan located inside the evaporator coil overflows.

There’s a lot of reasons why the coils can freeze. The simplest solution is to check your filter. A dirty filter reduces airflow and causes the refrigerant cycle to lose the balance of air and line pressures. The biggest cause is normally a failure in the refrigerant line. The vast majority of the time compromised refrigerant lines can not be repaired and a new system component is then needed to be replaced.

In any case, calling a quality HVAC local Atlanta company like Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are essential. Whether its essential maintenance or a larger issue, contacting Casteel is the best bet, and we will find the best solution for you and we’ll have your home cool and comfortable as quickly as possible.

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