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What Trips the Reset Button on a Water Heater?

What Trips the Reset Button on a Water Heater?

The reset button on your water heater keeps the appliance and your home safe. When the temperature in the tank exceeds 180 degrees, it powers down to prevent overheating. If you are repeatedly turning your water heater back on, this is a sign of an issue. To help you fix your system, we have an outline that gives an overview of why the reset button on your water heater is tripping and ways to respond.

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Why Is My Water Heater Tripping the Reset Button?

Also called the water heater high limit switch, the reset button on your water heater may trip for various reasons. Often, a component doesn’t function as it should. These issues may require professional repair services. In some cases, you can reset your water heater with no further issues. Explore the causes of a tripped reset button below.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Like your HVAC thermostat, the thermostat on your water heater regulates temperature fluctuations within the appliance. You likely have your water heater set to a certain temperature. Once the contents in the tank reach that temperature, the thermostat signals the appliance to stop heating.

Sometimes, thermostats malfunction and send the wrong signals. The water will continue heating until it reaches an excessive temperature, which triggers a system reset.

Loose Electrical Connections

Frayed wires or loose circuitry may trip a gas or electric water heater reset button. Any type of electrical malfunction poses a danger to your property and family. Damaged or loose wires generate heat from the high electrical resistance.

The added heat can trigger the high limit switch on your water heater, which shuts down your system. Additionally, these loose connections could spark a fire in your home if not addressed.

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Damaged Heating Element

The power of your appliance flows into the heating element, which raises the water temperature. Sometimes, a heating element sustains damage that prevents it from responding to the thermometer’s temperature information. Therefore, it will continue heating the water, possibly bringing it to scalding temperatures without regulation.

A damaged or aging heating element might be what trips the reset button on a water heater. Schedule water heater repair services to mitigate this issue safely. In the meantime, avoid using hot water to prevent burns from scalding hot water.

Bad Reset Button

Sometimes, the water heater high limit switch itself stops working. The reset button is integral to the water heater’s two thermostats. You must replace the whole thermostat if the button trips for no discernable reason.

What Trips the Reset Button on a Hot Water Heater?

What Is Causing the Reset Button to Trip?

A reset button that constantly trips often indicates:

  • Electrical issues
  • Component failures
  • Overheated tank contents

You should contact a local plumbing company that provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services for support. A licensed plumber can quickly and safely diagnose the issue. Homeowners shouldn’t diagnose and fix these problems alone, as they can lead to home and safety hazards with dangerous consequences.

How to Reset an Electric Water Heater

If you have determined the components of your electric water heater work properly, you can safely reset your system. Do you know how to identify your appliance’s reset button? If not, learn the basics below. This will allow you to enjoy a hot shower and peace of mind.

Where Is the Water Heater Reset Button?

You might find the electric water heater reset button in the following locations:

  • Upper thermostat
  • The heater’s lower components
  • On both the lower and upper thermostats

Your owner’s manual will offer specific information about where to find the button.

Why Is the Reset Button Not Clicking on the Water Heater?

If your reset button doesn’t make the tell-tale clicking sound to indicate system operations, it may indicate a bigger component problem. You could have a damaged or disconnected thermostat.

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How to Reset a Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters have a pilot light to ignite the fuel used to heat the water. After the gas heater shuts down, the pilot light flickers out. Locate the pilot light and reignite it. If you own a newer gas water heater, locate and flip the thermal switch.

How to Reset a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters boast better energy efficiency than traditional models. However, their reset features vary, depending on the manufacturer. Find and read the owner’s manual you received during your tankless water heater installation services.

The instructions will detail how to reset your water heater. These appliances typically feature a cover that protects the controls.

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